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#FinallyFriday – 5/16 Roundup!

This week has been awesome. My birthday was on Wednesday and all the messages and wishes really made my day perfect. The weather has also been amazing. As I write, I’m outside on my deck sipping on a glass of coconut water. Now that I have a month-long break from grad school, I’ve been able to focus on this blog and where I want to take it. Stay tuned for a lot of new changes, posts, and features coming soon!

For now, below is my weekly roundup of blogs, videos, recipes, reviews, and news!

  • Blog: I mentioned Rati and her on-point makeup blog in my last post. I then stumbled upon her fashion blog, Faux Pas,  and was just wowed. She blends designer and street fashion in an elegant yet casual way. Many of her posts are travel + fashion – two of my favorite things in life!
  • Fashion: Loved the Middle Eastern inspired looks posted by the Chiffon Talk ladies from the Chanel Cruise Collection 2014/15 in Dubai this week
  • Video: Have you seen the Coca-Cola Hello Happiness video? It will bring a smile to your heart along with this must-see Britain’s Got Talent Duo 
  • Recipe: This week I tried Zucchini Pizza Crust and Mexican Quinoa  – both came out very tasty thanks to these easy to follow recipes
  • Product review: I can’t wait to start writing product reviews. I received my first Conscious Box this week – stay tuned for my review!

Project Kahani - Conscious Box review

What were some of your favorites this week?!

FIve to Follow – Indian Beauty Blogs

Beauty bloggers are the best! I love learning about new beauty products from real people who give honest reviews. Through these blogs I’ve found my must-have beauty products  from First Aid Beauty to Living Proof hair products. I’m so inspired that I’m going to start blogging about my favorite beauty products along with skin and hair tips! I’ve already received a few requests asking about what skin care products I use – look out for that post next week! In the meantime below is my Five to Follow – Indian Beauty Blogs!

  1. Peaches and Blush – This girl is on fire! Mehak has two of the most popular South Asian blogs on the web. Peaches and Blush is a beauty, fashion, and bridal blog. Check this blog out for daily product reviews from high-end to affordable brands.
  2. The Beauty Gypsy – Anubha’s background as a Managing Editor at Vogue, Beauty Director at Marie Claire and Beauty Editor at Cosmopolitan shows through each and every well thought out post. Talk about a blogger who does it right!
  3. Indian Makeup & Beauty Blog – These reviews are just perfect. Rati, founder of three popular fashion and beauty blogs, has found her calling. Don’t miss the comments section in each post. You can read through what 40-60+ people also think of the product to help you decide if it’s worth trying!
  4. Beauty and the Best – For some reason bloggers often try to project this #RKOI vibe. I appreciate down-to-earth blogs that give practical advice like this blog.
  5. Namrata Soni – While not a blog, Namrata’s Instagram feed is filled with beauty tips and videos. As L’Oreal Paris India’s Beauty Expert, Namrata  has developed the Cannes 2014 Collection which we get to see on the red carpet starting this week!  

What product reviews are you looking for?! Can’t wait to start sharing mine!

Five Spring Super Fruits!

I love Spring! Spring flowers, spring dresses, and spring fruits! Strawberries, pears, and kiwis are just a few of my favorites. Growing up, my mom would make sure we ate fruits everyday. And today I still eat fruits 3-4 times a day. But I never really paid attention to the types of fruits I was eating. I just assumed if it’s a fruit, it must be good for you. This thought is generally true, although I’ve learned that certain fruits carry a lot of cleansing properties. I’ve incorporated five spring fruits into my diet that have cleansing properties and will leave you feeling great this spring!

Five Spring Super Fruits to get you cleansed this spring!

Project Kahani - Super Fruits Kumquats

1) Kumquats 

  • Why: These little fruits are packed with antioxidants like vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and phytonutrients
  • What: Kumquats are an excellent source of Riboflavin, which helps your body metabolize carbohydrates, proteins and fats
  • How: Eat Kumquats whole (they are more like grapes than mini oranges). If you have never tried a Kumquat, the taste can be a bit intense at first like a fiery clementine. Give them a try since they are only in season till June in the US!

Project Kahani Super Fruit - Pears

2) Pears

  • Why: One pear provides 25% of our daily recommended fiber intake and fiber is one of the best ways to cleanse the body
  • What: Pears are a good source of vitamin B2, C, E, copper, and potassium which help slow down the aging process
  • How: Eat the pear whole to gain all the nutrients this powerful fruit has to offer

Project Kahani - FIve Super Fruits - Grapes

3) Grapes

  • Why: Grapes contain high levels of vitamin C, K, and A that give your immune system a healthy boost. Grapes also help fight fatigue and make for a perfect afternoon snack
  • What: Red grapes have antibacterial and antiviral properties that help detox the body. Grape peels also contain resveratrol (a stilbene phytonutrient) which have been shown to activate anti-aging genes!
  • How: Eat grapes whole. You can also add raisins or grape juice to your diet 

photo-9 copy 4

4) Strawberries

  • Why: Strawberries rank among the top 10 fruits and vegetables in antioxidant properties. And they are good for your heart and helps lower cholesterol
  • What: Strawberries are rich in essential nutrients such as vitamin C, folic acid, fiber, and potassium which help keep our bodies feeling rejuvenated 
  • How: I add strawberries to my smoothies or eat them sliced (with a tiny bit of sugar sprinkled over them)

photo-9 copy 5

5) Kiwis

  • Why: Kiwis are a nutrient dense food (high in nutrients and low in calories). Kiwis also contain lavonoids and carotenoids – powerful antioxidants
  • What: To keep our skin glowing, we need vitamin C. Kiwis are packed with Vitamin C and help improve skin condition and texture
  • What: Cut the Kiwi in half and use a spoon to scoop out the yummy goodness or peel and slice the kiwi!

What are your favorite spring fruits?!

#TravelThursday – Cherry Blossoms in Nation’s Capital

What’s my favorite time of year?! Cherry Blossoms! At the start of each spring, the Cherry Blossoms along the Tidal Basin in Washington D.C. bloom. These blossoms are just so beautiful. I love to take early morning or late afternoon walks (to beat the rush) from the National Monument to the Jefferson Memorial. If you are thinking of visiting D.C., aim for early April and hopefully you will be in town for peak bloom!

A little history on the Cherry Blossoms: In 1912 Japan gifted the Cherry Trees to the United States as a token of friendship. In Japan the Cherry trees are richly symbolic. To many the trees represent the ephemeral nature of life as they bloom so brilliantly yet last only for a few weeks.

Project Kahani Spring in DC 6

Project Kahani Spring in DC 16

3 Project Kahani - Cherry Blossoms

Project Kahani Spring in DC 22

Project Kahani Spring in DC 14

Celebrate with Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop!

Finally – time to celebrate! I just finished my first year of grad school. These last few weeks have been really intense with school and work. Thankfully everything went well and I can get back to blogging. Stayed tuned for posts on health, fashion, and travel. Is there a topic you want to hear about? Let me know in the comments section below!

This summer is filled with celebrations from graduations to weddings. If you’re like me, you are wondering what to wear to these awesome events. Look no further – Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop is here! I’ve been a fan of the pop-up shop since it launched two years ago. Since then I have been checking out the What’s New page, lusting over designs from fashion gurus like Sabyasachi to next-gen designers like Ridhi Mehra. The site is easy to navigate and new collections are posted almost daily. While some of the pieces can be a bit pricy, the site has a wide range of options to meet your price point. I’m saving what’s inside my box for another post. For now I wanted to share a few of my favorite designs from the site for your next celebration!

Project Kahani - Pernia's Pop-Up Shop

Enjoy, Treat Yourself, and Happy Shopping!Project Kahani Pernias Pop-Up Shop 3

Nishka Lulla – Black and white crop shirt and skirt set $154

Project Kahani Pernias Pop-Up Shop 4

Gaurav Gupta – Ecru draped kurta set $608

Project Kahani Pernias Pop-Up Shop 1

Nikhil Thampi – Black cut out kurta with gold kathakali skirt $647

Project Kahani Pernias Pop-Up Shop 2

Ridhi Mehra – Navy blue embroidered lehenga $1,160