[Travel Tuesday] – I <3 Paris

Paris is on the list of everyone’s favorite cities.  Having traveled to Paris each spring for the last three years, I can understand why.  Paris is not the type of city that embraces you – you embrace it.  Walking along the stone side streets of Avenue des Champs-Élysées, eating a croissant at your favorite cafe, and taking life in – like it should be lived,  I too fell in love with Paris.  I love the city’s simplicity and beauty from the iron window detailing to the scenic views from Sacré-Cœur. Paris is a lesson in life on how to enjoy the present moment.

My Top Ten Sites on my first trip to Paris

1.The River Seine, Paris


2. Inside Musee Du Louvre, Paris


3. Outside Musee Du Louvre, Paris


4. Petit Palais, Paris


5. L’Obelisque, Paris


6. Champs Elysees, Paris


7. Tour Eiffel, Paris


8. Croissants in Paris


9. Arc De Triomphe, Paris


10. Streets of Paris



2 thoughts on “[Travel Tuesday] – I <3 Paris

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